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From Viruses to Cybercrime

In the past, PCs were mainly under threat from viruses and worms. The main purpose of these programs was to spread; however, some programs were also designed to cause damage to files and PCs. Such malicious software, or “malware”, could be described as ‘cyber vandalism’. In the majority of cases, the goal of viruses and worms was to spread as much as possible, with a high infection rate leading to fame for that program.

Today, the biggest threat faced by computers is crimeware. This malicious software is written by cybercriminals with the purpose of making money illegally. Crimeware may take the form of viruses, worms, Trojans or other malicious programs.

How “security smart” are you?
Do you know the difference between a virus and a worm? Why is a rootkit called a rootkit? Check your knowledge in the Computer Security FAQ.

All about cybercrime:
Malicious software is no longer designed for fun – it’s designed to commit crimes. Find out how cybercriminals make money, and how to protect yourself from falling victim.

Breaking in:
Just like burglars break into houses, hackers break into computers. Did you ever wonder how hackers get inside your computer?