Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business — Advanced

Including Encryption and Systems Management

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business — Advanced promotes IT administrative efficiency and compliance. Prioritized patching, OS image management and remote troubleshooting combine to streamline everyday administration, while infrastructure, guest users and inventories all sit firmly under IT control. Comprehensive, transparent encryption adds a further layer of security, and all components are managed through a single uncluttered console — Kaspersky Security Center.


Vulnerability and Patch Management — automated OS and application vulnerability detection and prioritization, combined with the automated distribution of patches and updates.

Operating System Deployment — easy creation, storage and deployment of OS images from a central location, as well as OS migration.

Remote Software Distribution And Troubleshooting — remote deployment and update from a single console, automated for over 100 applications, can be ondemand or scheduled for quieter periods. Time-saving remote troubleshooting is fully supported and a single ‘agent’ at branch offices can accept updates for local rollout, using Multicast technology.

Network Access Control (NAC) — automatically recognizes and checks new devices on the network against inventories and IT security policies, denies access to compromised devices and redirects guest devices to a captive portal.

Hardware and Software Inventories — full visibility and control (including blocking) of all software deployed across the network, together with the automatic identification, registration and tracking of all hardware, including removable devices.


Comprehensive File/Folder and Full Disk — choose from full-disk or file level that is transparent to the user and is backed by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bit encryption to secure critical business information in the event of device theft or accidental loss. Includes support for removable devices.

Secure Data Sharing — allows Users to easily create encrypted and self-extracting packages to ensure data is protected when sharing via removable devices, email, network or web.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business — Advanced also includes all components of the Select and Core tiers.