About Us

New K Link Company Limited

New Knowledge Link Company Limited

New Knowledge Link who provide the necessity IT solutions from range of consumer, small business to enterprise solutions. We do not only offer internet security, but also network wireless infrastructure and office application as well. We are seeking for far-sighted, dynamic, highly motivated, skilled and creative individual of high caliber to grow with us.

Our Value


We believe that employees desire to contribute to their fullest potential. We set expectation high and empower them to take ownership and stand accountable for their results. By providing extraordinary opportunities, we help them achieve career growth and a sense of personal fulfillment. 


We will demonstrate an unconditional drive to continuously satisfy our customers by seeking and incorporating their input, by anticipating and addressing their needs, and by aligning our goals, and processes and actions to exceed their expectations.


We foster an environment for employee that supports and stimulates better ways to accomplish work in every discipline. Our goal is to provide customers with indispensable solutions, and we recognize that innovation is essential to continuing success.


We strive to exemplify the highest principles of honesty, fairness, and ethical standards in our communications and in our relationships with each other, our customers, suppliers, and valued partners.

Results through Action

We encourage informed decision-making, disciplined fact-based risk taking, and we expect a sense of urgency in order to capitalize on opportunities that further our business goals. The action will always keep best interests of company in mind.


We cultivate a team environment of co-operation, support, and respect, which allows for the discussion of differences while focusing our common business goals and the alignment of resources to exceed customer expectations. Realize the success of the company depends upon a team, not an individual.